About Pitch Decks

The Pitch Deck is a vital tool in your fundraising journey, serving as your startup’s first impression to investors.

This template is designed to help you convey your story compellingly, covering critical aspects like your business’s purpose, market problem, and unique solutions. It guides you through demonstrating market opportunities, competitive advantages, business models, and financials, ensuring you cover all bases in a concise and impactful manner.

A well-prepared pitch deck can significantly increase your chances of securing funding and partnerships, making this template an indispensable asset.

Pitch Deck overview

A good pitch deck is your entry to follow-up discussions with investors.

There are 10 key areas you need to explain in your deck:

  1. Why/Purpose: Articulating your company’s mission and vision.
  2. Problem: Identifying the customer pain points you address.
  3. Solution: Describing how your product or service solves these problems.
  4. Timing/Traction: Highlighting why now is the right time for your solution.
  5. Product: Detailed overview of your product or service.
  6. Market Opportunities: Analyzing market size and potential.
  7. Competitors: Outlining your competitive landscape.
  8. Business Model: Explaining how your business makes money.
  9. Team: Showcasing the strength and qualifications of your team.
  10. Financials/Fundraising: Presenting key financial details and funding goals.

The order can be adapted, but the elements here listed need to be part of your deck. Check out DueDash templates to get some guidelines.

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