The Power of Data Rooms in Startup Due Diligence
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  • September 19, 2023

The Power of Data Rooms in Startup Due Diligence

When it comes to raising funding, due diligence is a critical process that can make or break an investment deal. It is during this process that potential investors scrutinize the startup’s business model, financials, legal compliance and any other relevant data and documents. One tool that is key to this process is the data room.…

Startup Funding Strategies: From Bootstrapping to VC Funding
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  • September 12, 2023

Startup Funding Strategies: From Bootstrapping to VC Funding

Securing funding is critical for startups to fuel growth, expand operations and achieve long-term success. In this article, we explore different startup funding strategies ranging from bootstrapping to venture capital (VC) funding. So whether you are looking to start your own business or scouting for funding for an already existing startup, this article will guide…

The Importance of the 5Ts for a startup’s investability

The Importance of the 5Ts for a startup’s investability

For startups seeking funding, a comprehensive understanding of what investors prioritize can be the game-changer between securing resources for growth or fizzling out in the vast startup cosmos. The 5Ts model—Team, Technology, TAM, Timing, and Traction, a proprietary model which DueDash uses, is an insightful framework for founders. Let’s delve deeper into this model and…

E4S Tech Funding Alert

E4S Tech is the future of vehicle testing

E4S Tech is offering an all-in-one standardized test lane with data-collecting software, IoT device surveillance, and Big Data utilization for vehicle health files. Customers benefit from efficient testing, enhanced device monitoring, and comprehensive data utilization. Based on 100+ interviews with inspection organizations and workshop operators worldwide, they found the lack of a one-stop shop for…

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Unleash your creativity with Someli’s AI-powered social media platform

Someli addresses the challenge of time-consuming and inefficient social media content creation. It eliminates the need for clients to spend valuable resources on designing and developing engaging content manually. To check their data and data room, check Someli on DueDash. The mission & the purpose The increasing demand for social media content, coupled with the need for personalization,…

Fundraising during Summer time

Fundraising During Summer Time: Overcoming Challenges and Building Investor Relationships

The summer season brings warmth, vacations, and relaxation for many people around the world. However, for entrepreneurs and startups seeking funding, this period can present unique challenges. As investors and companies may operate at reduced capacity or take time off, connecting with potential investors and maintaining momentum in fundraising efforts can be a daunting task.…

Triumphing over Investor rejections

Triumphing Over Investor Rejections: Your Path to Resilience and Success

Today, I want to address the poignant challenge of engaging with investors who have passed on your venture. Brace yourself, for the insights I am about to share will empower you to navigate these circumstances with grace, strategic foresight, and unwavering determination. The Delicate Dance of Follow-Up Understand that passing on an opportunity is not…


7Flower unlocks the power of mushrooms for people with ADHD

7Flower is an innovative wellness company dedicated to transforming lives with their groundbreaking, natural products. They have harnessed the potent power of functional mushrooms to create a range of elixirs, specifically formulated to help individuals with ADHD manage their symptoms more effectively. As a consumer product brand, they offer a recurring solution to those seeking…

The Financial decline of First Republic Bank

The $100 Billion Plunge: Examining First Republic Bank’s Financial Downfall

First Republic Bank’s financial troubles have led to discussions about a potential takeover by the FDIC, prompting urgent efforts to save the bank through private means. Ultimately, after several banks submit final bids, the FDIC seizes the bank and sells it to JPMorgan Chase & Co. The fact that three major banks were vying to…

Investor relation tips

5 Investor Relations driven Fundraising Tips for Startups

If you are an early stage startup looking to raise capital for your company, this resource is for you. Fundraising can be a daunting process, but with the right mindset, approach, and tools, you can secure the funding you need to take your business to the next level. As an experienced founder turned investor, I…