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From early-stage startups to scaleups

Whether you just started with your first deck and data room or you are already managing and updating hundreds of investors, this platform is for you!



Receive guidance, and get your startup started ready for investor management and due diligence.


Growth stage

Keep existing investors up-to-date on your startup progress and onboard further investors for your next rounds.



Prepare your business for an exit by managing all your investors and data securely in one place.

7000 +

Deal memos viewed

1000 +

Data rooms accessed

70 +


2000 +



What our founders are saying

Learn how DueDash has helped founders from scaling or even pivoting their business to supporting investor management.

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Learn how to extract the greatest value for your data management and focus on what matters most to investors.

Manage your data

Data & Document Hub

Manage your data

Manage and share all your relevant business data for investors in dashboards & data rooms.

Get data insights

Prioritize your investor engagement through in-depth viewer analytics on your data.

Improve your investability

Optimize your investability by using data insights to improve your data and documents.

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Manage your investors

Relationship & Communication Hub

Manage your pipeline

Keep track of all investor engagement at every stage through your own investor CRM.

Exchange with investors

Connect with relevant investors and get in touch via messaging and data sharing.

Collaborate with your team

Assign to-dos or members to tasks & investors and share notes to successfully work together.

Keep investors updated

Reporting & Analytics Hub

Track your KPIs

Track and share relevant metrics with both existing shareholders and potential investors.

Share reports & updates

Regularly keep your investors updated to build trust and increase chances of investments.

Manage your contacts

Group your investors and keep track of all communications with each contact.

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Do you require help with improving your materials, managing your investors or preparing your next funding round? Learn how we can provide 1-on-1 support for your startup.

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