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Dolphin Labs

The patented Dolphin Labs xNode is a wave energy converter (WEC) that harnesses wind-driven ocean wave action to produce up to 1kW of remote, renewable electricity.

Dolphin Labs
Dolphin Labs

Dolphin Labs provides small-scale wave energy converters with the smallest footprint that can power subsea applications – autonomous submerged or floating wave energy conversion to enable persistent power, sensing, and communications in remote marine environments. It targets commercial and government clients (dual-use), and has secured clients in both.

They have secured $2.5M in non-dilutive grants from the US Navy, US DOE & NATO DIANA, and are part of the NATO DIANA program in 2024.

The management team comes from Shell, Hess, NREL, H3Harris, Berkeley, etc.

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FLUIX has developed an autonomous AI platform that saves energy costs for essential buildings such as data centers and critical infrastructures by up to 40% by efficiently managing fragmented facility systems (HVAC, IT, water, etc.). 93% of 2000+ SMB data centers in the US are fragmented!


As Jack Whelan the Director of BD of International Accelerator recommended: “What I really love about FLUIX is they are using a 100% software solution to save energy costs in data centers, all without violating manufacturers’ warranty on the existing HVAC systems. I’ve seen a lot of companies doing something like this, but always with hardware that by its very nature violates warranties and excludes a huge part of the market (all data centers still under warranty).

A recent case study showed FLUIX’s AI slashing AC energy by 65% inside the server room of our client Solideon, who signed a $24K LOI. FLUIX has secured 4 clients, the new funding is to onboard more from their sales pipeline of value up to $8M ARR.

The management team comes from Epsilon Systems, Infosys, IBM, HPE, Dell, etc.

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MicroEra Power

Massive amounts of storage are needed to integrate more renewables into the grid and to support electric heating. Batteries and hydrogen/fuel cells are expensive. Traditional Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions are very large and inflexible. THERMAplus has 10X the energy density vs. water, is TUNABLE (storing both heat & cooling), and is flexible/grid-responsive. They shift HVAC loads to off-peak, recover waste heat, and enable renewables – with cost savings up to 50% for commercial buildings.

MicroEra Power
MicroEra Power

They plan to scale with turn-key, energy-as-a-service financing, partnered with utilities and energy service companies. The pay-back period is < 3 years, and shared savings contracts are very appealing. They have secured more than $3.5M in non-dilutive funding and paid pilots from DOE, NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority), ConEdison, and NYPA (New York Power Authority). They are backed by Quake Capital Partner, this round is closing soon.

The management team comes from GM, Prudential Financial, Carrier, and AHEAD Energy.

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