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Our platform is designed to serve the needs of angels, angel groups, funds and other ESOs like accelerators or incubators. We create incentives for startups to keep their data regularly updated, so you can efficiently manage and track your portfolio performance.



Get data access even to early-stage startups in visualized deal memos & structured data rooms.



Easily collaborate with your team to manage your funds and track the performance of your portfolio.



Receive regular startup updates, help them raise funds via co-investors and find new startups for your programs.

7000 +

Deal memos viewed

1000 +

Data rooms accessed

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2000 +



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Learn how DueDash helps investors on lowering costs, increasing efficiency and and managing all interactions in one platform.

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Manage your portfolio

Portfolio & Fund Hub

Portfolio management

Keep track of your overall investment history, performance and each of your portfolio startups.

Portfolio showcase

Provide deal access to your portfolio on your custom-branded showcase page for co-investors & LPs.

Fund management

Raise your next fund with DueDash. Set up, manage and track each of your funds with detailed analytics.

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Track your portfolio

Reporting & Metrics Hub

Metric management

Define metrics for your portfolio startups, analyze real-time growth, compare & understand KPI correlations.

Regular reporting

Receive regular KPI updates and startup reports with built-in notification triggers to your portfolio startups.

Informed investment decisions

Double down on high potential startups in your portfolio based on real-time data insights.

Collaborate with team

Team & Due Diligence Hub

Pipeline management

One streamlined CRM to track all startups from inbound over due diligence to investing in a deal.

Team collaboration

Efficiently work together - create to-dos, assign team members, share notes and rate & evaluate startups.

Founder exchange

Engage with founders, access data rooms, request documentation or send direct messages.

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Source new startups

Seeding & Deal Flow Hub

Deal sourcing

Receive targeted deal recommendations into your inbox or proactively search and filter startups

Deal screening

Efficiently screen deals with easily digestable deal memos and structured data rooms.

Deal insights

Get a 360° view on startups and optimize your decision-making process with progressive disclosures.

Get customized VC support services

DueDash can become the extension of your investment arm and support across the entire investment life cycle - powered by research, data room analysis and tech-driven insights.

Deal flow

Find promising startups from across the world

Startups on DueDash currently raise over 1.5bn USD. Access curated deals from different geographies, sectors and stages in seconds.

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