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Why now

It's time for a change

Disrupting market

The venture capital tech market is ripe for disruption, impacting founders and investors.

Siloed information

Scattered data across various platforms leads to inefficiencies and costs.

Information asymmetry

79% of startups fail despite initial funding due to information asymmetry & incoherence


We enable financial inclusion

With our platforms, we support education and drive innovation in the startup ecosystem. We reduce cognitive biases through data and create a global impact through strategic partnerships.

Quality education

DueDash offers audiovisual methods to encourage experiential learning. Promote digital inclusion of underserved communities


DueDash brings innovation to the traditional investment services by using modern technologies. Making it easier for new players to enter the market and increasing financial impact.

Reduced inequalities

DueDash allows both new and existing investors & founders to gain access to investment opportunities. Accessibility will pave way for more job creation


DueDash facilitates investors to work with one another to share capabilities or easily cooperate with new partners thereby providing more liquidity to the market.


A diverse founding team

Our founding team has over 50 years of founder and over 20 years of investor experience with expertise in various areas of scaling a business. We are driven by having an impact on the startup ecosystem.

24 years experience in growth hacking early-stage ventures, founder, investor & corporate executive.
9 years experience as serial founder, Founder Institute alumni, UI/UX studies.
4 years experience as community builder: Startup Grind & Weekend, ECC.
27 years experience as investor and serial founder with private equity background.

An industry expert support

DueDash is supported by a team of esteemed venture partners and advisors who complement our founding team with valuable insights and deep expertise in private capital markets, portfolio strategy and cross-border M&A.

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Enrico Cupido

Venture Partner at DueDash
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Dr. Philip Boigner

CBO at Capital Values Group
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Sachid Madan

Former CEO of ITC Limited
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Kris Wadhwa

Senior Director at Walmart Marketplace
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Dr. Florian Lauscher

Attorney at law and Partner at seitz
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Joseph Dormani

Principal at Thomson Reuters Ventures

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A collection of national and international media coverage on how DueDash is positively impacting the global startup ecosystem. Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action.

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