Key benefits for startups

Get holistic fundraising and investor relations support. Find new investors, engage them and close deals. If you are new to fundraising, check out our education platform, resources and events to get you ready for your journey.

Active & verified investors

Find the right investors, get on the radar of matching angels, VCs and CVCs for funding.

Investor relations service

Get hands-on support to professionalize your investor engagement and close funding targets.

Courses & masterclasses

Learn how to build an investable startup, deal with investor questions and fundraise like a pro.

Resources, events & tools

Join monthly investor & startups events, access fundraising resources and over $100K in credits.

1800 +


1.5bn +

Deal flow

70 +


27mn +


With our end-to-end investor relations platform and custom investor services, we increase efficiency and help investors make data-driven decisions while overcoming cognitive biases.

Key benefits for investors

Discover & manage deal flow

Collaborate with your team to access deal flow, manage your pipeline & engage with startups.

Manage & showcase portfolio

Manage and keep track of your portfolio and showcase it to attract new startups & investors.

Co-investing opportunities

Connect with angels, VCs and other investors that have a similar focus to present your portfolio.

Custom VC support services

Customized VC solutions powered by research, data room analysis and tech-driven insights.

Deal flow

Find promising startups from across the world

Startups on DueDash currently raise over 1.5bn USD. Access curated deals from different geographies, sectors and stages in seconds.


What our founders are saying

Investor relations made easy - with software, data and collaboration. Listen how our founders have benefitted from our platforms and services.


An end-to-end solution
for all your needs

DueDash covers the entire value chain for more transparency and efficiency. We make startups investable and at the same time help investors make data-driven decisions

Profile dashboard

Visualize your data to make your information easily accessible.

Data room

Securely share and access structured data rooms.


Reach out to relevant targets by setting your own filters.


Manage all existing and new investors / startups in your own pipeline.


Build investor relations through engagement and interactions.


Send and receive regular startup reports within the platform.


Assign deals, leave notes and create your own ratings and reports.


Share your profile or portfolio to attract new startups and investors.

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Invite your team members and collaborate on data and relationship management with full-fledged functionality!

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We are more than a platform

We have built an ecosystem to support founders and investors. Join our monthly events, get newest funding alerts and industry news or access fundraising courses and masterclasses.

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