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DueDash Investor Lounge: How to invest in the next African Unicorn

We are at the dawn of unparalleled innovation and growth, which will bring about inspiring and impactful champions shaping both Africa and the whole world.

Past events


DueDash Investor Lounge: Increasing impact as a business angel

One of the most important actors in the venture & startup world are business angels. Without them, many incredible startups would never have been able to grow beyond their initial successes and develop into large and impactful businesses.


DueDash Investor Lounge: Prioritizing compassion to maximize returns

Gain insights into fostering human connection and well-being. Engage with a leader dedicated to promoting clarity, purity, and sincerity.


DueDash Investor Lounge: Future of FinTech - disruptions in making?

Change is happening in the FinTech industry - from lows such as The First Republic Bank panic to highs such as the 86 new FinTech unicorns - 2023 was a rollercoaster ride.


DueDash Investor Lounge: Democratizing startup investments with angel syndicates

Discover the game-changing impact of Angel Syndicates, democratizing early-stage deals and fostering innovation.


DueDash Investor Lounge: How corporate accelerators ignite investments & growth

What is the value in joining a corporate accelerator program?


DueDash Investor Lounge: What makes family offices invest

How do you get family offices to invest in your startup?


DueDash Investor Lounge: Survivin economic crisis and investment winter

Learn what it takes to navigate your startup in these challenging times.


DueDash Investor Lounge: Investing in a sustainable future

What do investors care about when investing in sustainable startups?


Fundraising Q&A with DueDash Founders

Ask us your biggest investor relations & fundraising questions!


DueDash Investor Lounge: Investing in impactful startups

What do investors care about when investing impactful startups?


DueDash Investor Lounge: Raise capital during economic crisis

How do you deal with the current economic crisis while raising funding? Learn more in this insightful session!


DueDash Demo Day 2022 Closing

It’s time to celebrate the stars of the future that are going to change the way we live today. In this demo day, we present you 20 curated startups from trending verticals and geographies.


DueDash x The Incubation Network Demo Day

Together with our partner The Incubation Network, we are bringing you the future of ocean cleaning and circular economy innovation. Top 12 startups from the CleanTech sector.


DueDash Startup Lounge: The Unicorn Investor

Tae Hea co-founded Storm Ventures, who invested in ~200 B2B software companies leading to 11 unicorns. Tae Hea was the founding CEO of Airespace, a B2B startup, which was later sold to Cisco for $450m.


DueDash Startup Lounge: Building VC-Proof Tech

Learn from the former CTO of Rocket Internet how he goes about building the tech side of his startups.


DueDash Investor Lounge: Catching unicorns while they are ponies

How do investors assess the potential of a startup and use their data to get an accurate picture?


DueDash Startup Lounge: Investing in disruptive startups

Learn from Sunny Kumar, Partner at GSR Ventures, how multi-billion dollar funds make investment decisions.

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