The Future of VC: Investment intelligence
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  • September 15, 2022

The Future of VC: Investment intelligence

Investing in venture capital is a long-term game with many uncertainties. A complex industry where forecasting decisions is difficult. The role of data signals in investing is inseparable from today’s investment decisions. Multi-source data sources are increasingly used in data-driven investment strategies, which give investors a competitive edge. The future of VC points to investment…

Family offices as startup investors

The Rise of Family Offices as Startup Investors

Family offices have been on the rise as an important source of startup funding. They have emerged as investors and taken an active role in shaping up the startup world. Family offices have been closely associated with the ultra-wealthy. In fact, many are high net worth individuals. More family offices are breaking free from stereotypes…

The Four Key Questions Investors Will Ask You

The Four Key Questions Investors Will Ask You

Becoming an investable entrepreneur requires so much more than simply having an incredible product or service. A prospective investor will want to be satisfied with a whole range of other factors before they’ll back your business, and what those factors are will largely depend on the nature of your business and the type of investment…

Startup investor relations

Why startup investor relations for fundraising is essential

Startup investors invest in the vision of the founding team. They like to believe that your startup idea is great, and the reason it will work is because of you. Therefore, getting them on board in your startup fundraising process is not just for them investing money in your company but working with you on this journey you need…

The dream of every startup founder
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  • September 19, 2021

Venture fundraising guide

This article is divided into a simple 5 part series as a fundraising guide for founders who are currently raising capital for their startup. 1. Are we investor ready? Start by asking yourself, “What do I have to offer a potential investor?”  You might feel that your story is inspiring and your product or service is…

Steps to angel investment

Angel investment in 7 simple steps

As a startup, securing an angel investment from an investor is a great opportunity. While venture capitalists usually focus on larger investments and may be very hands-off, an angel investor is more flexible and may be willing to work with you as a mentor. How do you get the attention of an angel investor and…