What kind of startup should you start? One hot topic right now is AR and this founder will show you why you should start an AR startup right now!

Elevator Pitch

Hi, I’m Julius, I’m the co founder of marble AR. And marble actually extends your natural field of view with relevant information. We are an augmented reality app and work on the device that everybody has. And we give you a deeper understanding of your direct surrounding.

Why did you start your startup in the US as a German founding team?

So that has two reasons. One being, we found out the Germans or Europeans in general, a kind of tack averse, and are not so much into new stuff. So we found out, it’s really good in the US where people are actually open minded for new stuff, and who are just more adventurous for that, and to the investor have seen in the US is a lot more active in the consumer market. Over here. It’s basically mostly b2b stuff.

How does a startup get into an accelerator like Techstars?

So if you want to get into one of the two big accelerator programs, which are basically Y Combinator or Tech Stars, I highly suggest you to show them why your team are the ones who can pull off whatever you promise. So they are looking to have a big team focus.

Why should start i start my startup in the AR industry?

So first, when I talk to people about AR, I think most people miss understand what augmented reality means. Because most people think augmented reality means something gimmicky game is a chair that you put into your room or a game or anything like that, no, it’s actually the natural extension of your field of view.

And once you understood that, and you see that AR and VR are actually the fastest growing market at the moment, it’s very interesting to be in that field, because there’s a lot of change going on.

How did working in a startup prepare you for your journey as a founder?

So being a team member of a startup, or founding something yourself, always involves a lot of self teaching, you face a problem, you solve the problem. And once you’ve done that a lot yourself, you can teach others how to do that. And that actually makes a good leader to know where they struggle, and to help them thrive through the struggle.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

So the thing you have to know about me is my father is actually a cartoon artist. And no matter his success, he always kept on doing it because he believed in what he’s doing. And I see that behavior also was all great minds in the entrepreneur space.

So we do stuff because we believe in the stuff we are doing and we believe it will change humankind for the better. And that’s actually why I wanted to do it. I just want to do cool stuff, build cool tech, and that makes my my life so much more valuable to me.

Your advice to aspiring founders ?

Oh first is don’t be afraid to fail, you will fail. But keep on doing what you’re doing. Look for great teammates because that’s kind of the core of of your, your startup if you don’t have great teammates and don’t won’t work, but if you have keep on pushing through all the bullshit because there will be honey in the end.

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