E4S Tech is offering an all-in-one standardized test lane with data-collecting software, IoT device surveillance, and Big Data utilization for vehicle health files. Customers benefit from efficient testing, enhanced device monitoring, and comprehensive data utilization.

Based on 100+ interviews with inspection organizations and workshop operators worldwide, they found the lack of a one-stop shop for PTI testing equipment, digitization, minimizing equipment downtime, and optimizing data utilization.

The solution is to offer an all-in-one standardized test lane with software that collects and processes test data, the use of IoT for surveillance of test lane devices, and utilize Big Data to generate vehicle health files.

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Solving a mandatory challenge & saving peoples’ lifes.

Although they are in a niche (workshop equipment / PTI), it is a highly dynamic environment with consistently high CAGR. As their offered products and services are mandatory in many regions of the world they help to prevent people from injuries in traffic and prevent accidents. More and more countries are also about to establish mandatory PTI and new inventions in vehicles and drive trains (eg. BEV) need new tools to secure safe vehicles.

Fundraising achieved so far

So far bootstrapped and did not onboard investors yet.

The deal terms

We raise 500K €, and favor subordinated loans, but are open to other ideas (negotiable). The company is BAFA INVEST eligible.

E4S Tech product demo
E4S Tech product demo

Funding signals!

Industry veterans solving problems from the field

They come right from the industry and know what they are doing. A very experienced team that has already worked in this field and therefore found the idea to improve this industry.

Vehicle testing has to go digital

As vehicles and ADAS are becoming increasingly digital while existing devices in the market remain analog. Despite some providers exiting (Beissbarth -> focus on wheel alignment; SHERPA -> focus on “around the wheel”; COSBER -> less engagement in Europe), the demand remains high and even increases as new markets (e.g., USA, India) adopt PTI testing. Ongoing regulatory changes require more complex equipment, evident in emissions testing (Euro 6 to Euro 7), suspension testers, and play detectors.

Immense traction potential right from the start

In the first two years, we would like to reach out to 235, already-known, customers (multiplicators) and generate 24M € of turnover. This is to be done by entering the market first with some white label products to be followed by our fully in-house developed products, a combination of software and hardware. We already are applying for patents, and have a network on the sales side as well as on the supply chain. We have developed the UX prototype and two devices of the test lane.

An almost unlimited market

The possibilities worldwide are huge! With a TAM of nearly 100B € per year, they have the possibility to become a unicorn even if they only capture a fraction of the market.


With their unique combination of soft- and hardware, they are about to revolutionize the industry. It is also deep tech. With us, there will be the one-stop-shop solution for PTI worldwide guiding the whole industry into the digital age.

E4S Tech product demo
E4S Tech product demo

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