7Flower is an innovative wellness company dedicated to transforming lives with their groundbreaking, natural products. They have harnessed the potent power of functional mushrooms to create a range of elixirs, specifically formulated to help individuals with ADHD manage their symptoms more effectively. As a consumer product brand, they offer a recurring solution to those seeking a healthier, sustainable alternative to synthetic medications.

The journey of 7Flower was sparked by their founder’s personal struggle with ADHD and his discovery of the benefits of functional mushrooms. This led to the development of their unique range of products, which combine scientific backing, meticulous sourcing, and ethical production practices.

The company tackles a critical issue—the increasing prevalence of ADHD and the lack of natural, side-effect-free treatment options. Their goal is to redefine the approach to neurodiversity, providing not just products, but a holistic solution that promotes better mental health.

7Flower sees itself as more than just a brand. They are a movement promoting natural, grounded living and creating a positive impact on individuals’ lives, the environment, and society. By investing in 7Flower, individuals join a journey towards pioneering mental health solutions and fostering a sustainable future.

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The mission & the purpose

The mission of 7Flower is driven by the founder’s deeply personal experiences and motivations. Having personally encountered the challenges of dealing with ADHD and the detrimental effects of pharmaceutical treatments, the founder became determined to find alternatives that could genuinely enhance people’s well-being without exacerbating existing problems.

Driven by a sense of empathy towards others facing similar struggles and a growing concern over the declining health of the Western population, the founder, along with their co-founder Ines, took action by launching 7Flower. The primary objective of the company is to address these issues and offer a superior, natural solution.

At the core of 7Flower’s mission is a strong desire to alleviate human suffering, reduce reliance on pharmaceutical medications, and enhance overall health. The team is inspired by the stories of transformation from their customers and the immense potential to revolutionize the landscape of mental and physical health treatments. It is these factors that provide the driving force and motivation for 7Flower to continue making a positive impact.

Unlocking the power of mushrooms comes at the perfect time

The industry and sector in which 7Flower operates are influenced by several intriguing trends that emphasize the importance of taking a closer look at startups like theirs. These trends include:

Rising ADHD Prevalence: Addressing a Growing Need

ADHD is increasingly recognized as a prevalent condition affecting individuals of all age groups. As the demand for more comprehensive and accessible treatment options grows, startups like 7Flower are well-positioned to meet this emerging need with their targeted products designed specifically for managing ADHD symptoms.

Shift Towards Natural Treatments: Meeting Consumer Preferences

Consumers are gravitating towards natural, side-effect-free alternatives to synthetic medications. This shift in preferences directly aligns with 7Flower’s mission and product offerings, positioning them as a compelling choice for individuals seeking a more holistic and natural approach to their well-being.

Functional Foods & Supplements Boom: Unlocking the Potential of Mushrooms

The functional food and supplement industry, particularly in relation to mushrooms, is experiencing a significant surge in popularity. Consumers are increasingly recognizing the potential benefits of these ingredients for their overall well-being. 7Flower capitalizes on this boom by offering innovative products that harness the power of functional mushrooms, making their startup highly relevant in the sector.

Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness: Promoting Natural Solutions

Mindfulness and mental health have become integral components of discussions surrounding wellness. As a startup that prioritizes natural mental health solutions, 7Flower is at the forefront of this trend, positioning their products as valuable resources in promoting holistic well-being.

Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices: Meeting Consumer Demands

There is a growing demand for brands that embody ethical business practices, sustainability, and transparent supply chains. At 7Flower, these principles are deeply embedded in their operations, making their brand exceptionally appealing to the conscious consumer demographic that seeks products aligned with their values.

By embracing and addressing these relevant industry trends, startups like 7Flower showcase their unique value propositions and demonstrate why they deserve closer attention from individuals seeking innovative solutions and impactful contributions to the well-being of both individuals and the planet.

Fundraising achieved so far

The venture is self-founded by Founder Perry so far, with $170K invested till date.

The deal terms

The company is currently seeking funding of 550K using SAFE vehicle with 22% discount.

7flower products
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Strategic Minds, Lasting Impact: The Team Shaping 7Flower’s Success

The team at 7Flower is their most vital asset. The co-founders, Perry and Ines, bring a combination of personal experience, business acumen, and industry knowledge to the table. Perry’s passion and advocacy for functional mushrooms stem from his own experiences with ADHD, driving the brand forward. Ines, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and supplement industry, contributes invaluable knowledge and networks. Together, their complementary skills set the strategic direction of the company and ensure its efficient operation. Furthermore, the recent addition of Tiago to the operations department has further enhanced their ability to consistently deliver high-quality products.

Tapping into the Wellness Revolution

7Flower finds itself situated at the convergence of several significant trends within the wellness and health industry. The increasing recognition of ADHD as a prevalent condition, coupled with the growing demand for natural, side-effect-free treatments, presents a unique opportunity for their mushroom-based solutions. Furthermore, as the interest in functional foods and supplements, particularly mushrooms, continues to surge, the timing of 7Flower’s entry into the market couldn’t be more opportune. Additionally, the rise in conscious consumerism aligns seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. These collective trends not only validate 7Flower’s strategic market positioning but also promise substantial growth potential in the days to come.

Captivating the Market: 7Flower’s Phenomenal Revenue Increase and Customer Loyalty

Since its launch, 7Flower has experienced remarkable traction, boasting steady growth in sales and a rapidly expanding customer base. In just the first five months of 2023, the company has already surpassed €55,000 in revenue, a significant upswing from the €45,000 earned in 2022. This growth has been accompanied by successful market penetration in major European cities, attracting a loyal clientele and further validating the appeal of 7Flower’s product offering and brand. Buoyed by this momentum, the company is now poised to embark on an ambitious expansion plan, aiming to capture an even larger market share and continue its upward trajectory.

Beyond Boundaries

7Flower finds itself at the forefront of an immense market opportunity. The convergence of the global functional mushroom market and the significant number of individuals relying on ADHD medications on a daily basis creates a total addressable market (TAM) estimated at €37.5 billion. While the company’s immediate focus lies within the segment seeking natural and effective alternatives to manage ADHD symptoms, its broader market extends to anyone in pursuit of cognitive enhancement and improved mental well-being. With such a vast TAM, 7Flower is poised to seize this opportunity and cater to the growing demand for natural solutions, capitalizing on the expansive potential of the functional mushroom industry.

Revolutionizing the Wellness Experience

7Flower’s competitive advantage in the market is derived from its unwavering dedication to quality, efficacy, and user-friendliness. The company tackles industry concerns surrounding product consistency and effectiveness through the utilization of an innovative ultrasonic-assisted extraction process. This groundbreaking technique leads to a remarkable 90% increase in bioactive compounds, ensuring that 7Flower’s products are potent, consistent, and genuinely effective.

Setting themselves apart from competitors, 7Flower prioritizes the use of high-quality, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients. This commitment ensures that their materials meet the highest standards, providing customers with a level of trust and confidence in the products they choose.

Moreover, 7Flower’s focus on the user’s experience is evident in their product design. Departing from traditional pill-based supplements, the company introduces the revolutionary Genius and Zen functional mushroom sprays. Packaged in convenient liquid spray formats, these products offer an innovative and consumer-friendly alternative in the wellness supplement market. By combining advanced technology, ethical sourcing, and user-centric design, 7Flower is spearheading a new era of excellence in the industry.

Explore the Exquisite Assortment of 7Flower's Captivating Products
Explore the Exquisite Assortment of 7Flower's Captivating Products.

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