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Turn recurring tasks and procedures into Workflows (digital forms). Create anything from a basic form to a complex multi-step customer journey. Teach Malcolm! the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions and let your users find their own answers using natural language search or by browsing a Knowledge Base.


The deal

70% discount on the Team Plus plan.


Target group

Startups. Businesses. Marketeers. Sales professionals.



Intelligent workflows. FAQs and Knowledge Base. Embeds, Widgets, Overlays & Plugins. 1,000+ third-party integrations.



Malcolm! is a set of easy to use tools that lets your users service, interact & engage with you online.

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Start from scratch or use one of our pre-configured form templates. For your FAQs, users can rate your answers helping you continually improve your content. Add content in your website or app with a variety of embed, widget, overlay and plugin options. If you don't have a website or you'd like to create a dedicated area you can do it in Malcolm! Integrate Malcolm! tightly with your other systems and enjoy full programmatic access. Configure and monitor all user activity in MyMalcolm - our powerful and simple to use control panel and dashboard. Visit Malcolm!.

Target groups

Startups, businesses, marketers or sales professionals to let your users service, interact & engage with you easily online.

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You need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness.


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