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ROQ offers UI components and APIs with every feature you need for a successful SaaS application. ROQ work to make the development of professional web applications faster than ever. The combination of an open source Kickstarter Application, essential features via API, and a scalable serverless cloud solution is unique.


The deal

Get the full platform for free for 3 months with the startup deal.


Target group

Startups and their technical founders who want to build a successful SaaS application.



All the commodities for your SaaS application via a unified API and UI components.



Your Saas application with low total cost of ownership, easy to develop and quick to ship.

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Deal highlights

With the startup deal by ROQ you can start developing your SaaS application today without any strings attached. In addition to that, you can even ship your application in a production environment to your customers and operate the platform for free for the first three months.. Visit ROQ.

Target groups

Startups and their technical founders who want to build a successful SaaS application.

Eligibility criteria

First, you need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness. Second, eligible to all startups that are building SaaS applications.


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