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Give your users a seamless web experience no matter from which device they visit your website from. Make your website/web app seamless by performing cross browser testing in 2000+ browsers & OS on the cloud. You will be able to both manual testing and selenium-based web testing to cut short your testing time and push products faster.


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30% off on all LambdaTest annual plans for 2 years.


Target group

Startups and businesses with online software and platforms. Development teams.



Discount on subscription. Perform cross-browser testing in 2000+ browsers & OS on the cloud.



Latest technology. Broad testing. Many integrations. Integrated platform for scaling organizations. 24x7 support. Cost effective.

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Have 40% cost savings while executing broad testing on 2000 browsers & OS. Built on the latest tech stack for faster tests. Integrate with over 100 project management, time management & CI/CD tools. Access 24x7 technical support. Visit LambdaTest.

Target groups

Startups testing their new MVP or website before, during and after its launch. Businesses that are continuously in need of cross-browser and device testing for new website features.

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