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Hiroket is a tech recruitment agency that specializes in attracting tech professionals, with a strong base of women candidates worldwide. Their expertise encompasses roles in Software Engineering, Digital & Product Design, and Management. The agency provides tailored recruitment services and innovative strategies for individual start-up companies, ensuring that they attract the perfect candidates, thereby saving time and resources.


The deal

30% discount + Bonus: Hiring process audit.


Target group

Start-ups located in Europe and North America.



Pay-by-success, Hiring process Audit, Recruitment Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion.



A strong base of tech women with a focus on finding tech professionals.

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Deal highlights

With the aim of captivating potential clients, Hiroket presents an enticing offer of a generous 30% discount to propel the launch of their clients' products. Furthermore, they extend their support by providing a complimentary hiring audit, guaranteeing that their clients stay competitive and agile amidst the ever-evolving market landscape. To amplify opportunities, Hiroket also facilitates exposure to their extensive network and esteemed partners. Visit Hiroket.

Target groups

Start-ups located in Europe or North America that want to hire tech professionals.

Eligibility criteria

First, you need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness. Second, start-ups need to be based in Europe or North America.


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