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Streamline, centralize, and modernize work operations. Stop switching between Chats, Tasks, Docs, Calendar, & Meeting tools — automate your team & client work in one simple, yet powerful app.


The deal

Free Foreign Exchange health check and multi-currency online bank account.


Target group

Any company with international payments or exposure abroad.



Discount on subscription. Project management tool to streamline, centralize, and modernize work operations.



Industry leading payment provider, personal account manager, reduce costs.

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Deal highlights

A free foreign exchange health check to analyze the efficiency of your current payment service. ECAP will then look into three areas of improvement: Timing, margin and margin consistency. With your free multi-currency online bank account, you can view real-time exchange rates, execute trades, draw down from forward contracts, review past transactions and manage accounts, beneficiaries and payments. Further, integrate your systems or website directly via API. Visit ECAP.

Target groups

Any company with international payments or exposure abroad, especially if foreign exchange volume is high.

Eligibility criteria

First, you need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness. Second, you should have executed some foreign exchange payments before to analyze current efficiency.


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