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CleverTap is an all-in-one user engagement and retention platform that allows companies to build valuable, long-term relationships with their customers. Through the Leap Program get an exclusive discount on the flexible plan with monthly subscription, 1 month free trial period, cancel anytime, monthly pricing, no annual contract.


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50% discount for 6 months on the CleverTap for Startups Plan, including add-ons.


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With the Leap Program, you can get an exclusive discount on the flexible monthly plan with 1 month free trial, cancel anytime and monthly pricing.



An all-in-one engagement and retention platform.

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50% discount for 6 months on the CleverTap for Startups Plan, including add-ons Visit CleverTap.

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Eligibility criteria

First, you need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness. Second, To be eligible for the CleverTap Leap program, all businesses must meet the following criteria: applicable only on CleverTap for Startups, have not previously received CleverTap discounts/credits, and applicable only for new to CleverTap customers.


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Have an active startup profile on our DueDash platform with +70% profile completeness.


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We will check based on our partner's requirements and your DueDash profile.


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After successful verification, you will receive the instructions to redeem your discount code.

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