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Agora for Startups

Agora is the leading real-time engagement platform. Our mission is to make real-time engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any app, anytime and anywhere. Our video, voice, and live interactive video SDKs help developers deliver rich in-app experiences incl. embedded voice and video chat, real-time recording, interactive live streaming, and real-time messaging for users across many industries including gaming, social, education, entertainment, and enterprise. Our SDKs are available for Web, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android, Unity and more.

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Up to 1,000,000 free minutes.
Startups (Pre-seed to Series A).
Video, voice and live interactive video SDK for various use cases and systems.
Innovate for the future of real-time engagement with a customizable suite of audio, voice, video, and streaming APIs.
Agora for Startups
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Agora for Startups
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